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We use cookies

You are reading this text, because we use cookies. We want you to know what cookies are and what they are used for. By using the site you accept the use of the cookies.

The cookies are small text documents, that are saved into your computer or other device by the sites you visit. When  you come back to the site, the cookies will tell the site that you came back. The cookies are helping to recognize the visitor.

Cookies will make the usage of the site easier and faster. We can optimize the site with them to make the user experience more efficient and pleasant. When we know what you enjoy, we can target more suitable adverts to you for example.

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What kind of cookies do we use?

Cookies can be permanent or temporary. Temporary cookies will leave your device after you close your browser. Permanent cookies will stay longer, but also specified period of time. We can use both temporary and permanent cookies.

Some cookies are vital for the technical working and the usage of the site. These cookies don’t gather information which could be used in marketing. We also use cookies that measure the performance ability.

The cookies that measure the performance are used to make the site better by following how visitors are using the site. The information that is gathered by these cookies is anonymous and it is used only to make the site work better.

The cookies that follows the visitors actions are used for the recognition and monitoring. These cookies can include personal information, such as name or address, that can lead to a unique visitor. The site only have the information that you have given. Also the usage history of the site can be recorded, so we can offer more personalized and targeted service.

Our site might also accept cookies from third parties. For example, sites that include adverts from Facebook or Google can send cookies to your computer during the visit. The third parties are responsible for their cookies and you can check their cookie policies from their own sites.

Do you want to remove our cookies?

You can decide the allowance of the cookies from your browsers settings. You can deny the usage of the cookies on your browser, delete the cookies that are already saved or you can ask a notification from your browser about the new cookies.

You can delete the cookies by following the guide from your browser.

How to delete cookies.

Denying the usage of the cookies or deleting them might lead to problems with some functions of our site.