What is a reflector? Reflector is a personal safety equipment and a fashion accessory that is designed to keep its users safe while allowing them to express their personal style. Nowadays this life-saving Finnish innovation is available in vast variety of designs and adaptations which makes it a great way of being fashionably visible!


Design reflectors made co-operation together with the Finnish designers and our own inhouse team designed reflectors are sold inour web shop.


Why to use a reflector? Who wouldn’t want to keep themselves and their loved ones safe? Whereas a pedestrian without a reflector is too often nearly invisible to a driver especially during dark a pedestrian wearing a reflector can be seen as far as from a distance of 300-600 meters. Easy-to-use, detachable desgin reflector is a functional accessory to add to any outfit.


How to use a reflector? The key attribute of a reflector is its ability to catch and reflect light. A reflector can be attached to clothing, bag or e.g. a bike differently depending on its design and the style of the lock. However, the reflector should always be allowed to move as freely as possible in order for it to work to its best.

Good to know about the pedestrian reflectors:

  • Reflector is a safety product that must meet the requirements of the reflector EN 13356 standards as well as be CE approved.
  • It means that an appropriate reflectors reflective area is at least 15 m2, coefficient of luminous intensity (CIL) for reflector at least 400 and you can find the instructions (with the name of the institution that performed the type classification) together with the reflector.
  • in Finland, Tukes supervises the safety of reflectors.

Reflector is something positive. It is nice to give as a gift and pleasant to have. It is a small thing that can at its best to help save someone’s life. Read more about reflectors and road safety here.