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A reflector can save your life. Do you have a reflector?

Pedestrians and cyclists are difficult to see in low light. Safety reflectors will help drivers notice pedestrians from up to seven times the distance they would without the reflector.

Suomalainen älyheijastin

Reflectors are personal protective equipment and the manufacturing is regulated in Europe by Regulation (EU) 2016/425 (CE marking). The safety of reflectors is controlled by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes).

We manufacture made-to-order soft and slap wrap reflectors for companies. A Saintex reflector is CE-marked and in accordance with the EN 13356 reflector standard. We work out the ideas and designs for reflectors together with our customers. We can offer hundreds of different options and a nearly limitless variety of colours with identical reflectivity. Get in touch with us, and together we can make a reflector that really shows off your company image!

Hanging reflectors must behanged at knee height and allowed to move freely so they can be seen from the front and the rear. Drivers will notice reflectors the best when they are placed on the side facing the road. Please note that different reflectors are not mutually exclusive: the more reflectors you have, the easier it is to see you in the dark.

Approved reflectors will be sold in packaging that has at least the following information:

CE marking.

EN 13356 compliance information.

User instructions.

Manufacturer information.

Name of the institution that has approved the type examination.

User instructions.

Some products sold as reflectors may not actually be visible in the dark. Bear in mind that to be a true reflector, the coefficient of luminous intensity for a product must be at least 400.

You can test the reflectivity of your reflector in the dark using a torch or with the help of a friend. The standard also requires reflectors to have a surface area of 15.6 cm2 at the minimum. Only products that meet the requirements of the EN 13356 standard may be sold as reflectors. Another requirement is that user instructions must be provided for the reflector. Keep a sharp eye when buying reflectors – all that glitters is not truly reflective.